The The PLS8695v2 is a powered full-range true line source array column, which produces an extremely tight vertical sound field.

Stacking columns will increase throw distances and produce tighter vertical control at lower frequencies. The PLS8695v2 high frequency module features a continuous array of nine high performance PRD500 planar ribbon transducers designed and manufactured by SLS Loudspeakers.

The unique design and properties of the planar ribbon driver allows precise acoustical coupling of the array and hence, full
utilization of line source (cylindrical waves) benefits. Coupled with eight, close coupled - weather resistant, 6.5 woofers the PLS8695v2 produces full range bandwidth at extremely high sound pressure levels.

The PLS8695v2 is suited for portable and permanent applications. The PLS8695v2 utilizes two internal amplifiers with two recallable DSP filter algorithms for one or two (or more) box configurations.
Key Features:
  • Direct radiating planar PRD500 ribbon high frequency line source module delivers unsurpassed sound quality
  • True line source behavior due to precise acoustical coupling of individual PRD500 high frequency transducers
  • High resolution weather resistant composite paper cone woofers
  • Cylindrical wave radiation:
    - Produces loss of 3dB loss per doubling of distance as opposed to the 6dB loss of a point source system. This means increased throw distances with less variation between near and far field.
    - Greatly restricts vertical spreading of sound field which significantly reduces ceiling and floor reflections
  • Column array places sound source on the same plane as performers creating better localization
  • Extremely wide horizontal coverage
  • Even and easily predictable coverage
  • Incredible feedback immunity compared to point source systems
  • Internally bi-amplified with two recallable DSP filter algorithms
  • Selectable 80Hz HPF for low-frequency channel (when using PLS8695v2 with additional subwoofer)
  •  Balanced input with adjustable sensitivity
  • 24-bit digital resolution, 96kHz sampling
  • Balanced transmitter for looping multiple PLS8695v2 systems
  • DSP filtering, smoothing, and limiting algorithms matched to LS8695v2
  • LED status indication for power, protect, peak, and signal presence

Developed for a wide range of professional applications where the highest quality and intelligibility of sound is required - especially effective in highly reverberant and/or elongated spaces.

  • Sound reinforcement in churches and auditoriums

  • Portable PA system for a variety of applications

  • Stack columns to achieve taller vertical sound field for raked seating applications

  • Stacking column also produces cylindrical wave spreading or line source behavior at lower frequencies, which increases thrown distance.

  • Typical system SPL of a stack of two LS8695v2 columns is 115dB at 60


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